About databright

databright provides consulating services in the areas of data science & analytics, mathematical modelling & optimization, and process improvement.
We specialise in working with companies of all sizes to leverage data, and advanced techniques, for making the right decisions regardless of business domain or industry.

The Right Decisions Today

We will show you how to leverage your data in order to make the right decisions each time, every time, and before your competition.

Insight for Tomorrow

With predictive modelling and rigorous optimization your business problems will have a solution before they're a reality.

Analytics on Autopilot

We love software. All our solutions are delivered with robust apps which are always easy to use and require minimal user supervision.

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Who we are

databright is a consulting practice formed in early 2013 as a creative outlet for innovation. Our focus is on the application of advanced statistical, mathematical, and computer science techniques to problems faced by businesses of all types.

Historically, the application of these techniques is reserved for large organizations with substanial budgets and large R&D groups. With significant amounts of data now being collected by businesses of all types and sizes we feel that these kinds of techniques should be available to any organization who is interested.

We truly believe that through the application of these techniques, and the implementation of fantastic software solutions, tremendous results can be delivered for any type of organization in any field of operation.

We are passionate about our business, our clients, and having fun developing innovative solutions!